Culture and Heritage

This might be the field that better defines the UNESCO clubs and associations world and the most known for the wider public. Since 1995, the C of Culture is also the one for Culture of Peace.

In this section, we can find round tables organisation, expositions, cultural and literary audiovisual productions, poetry workshops and recitals, document and book presentations, choral organisation and actuation, cultural trips, etc.

Newsletter publication (paper or online).

International Days and Years celebration: International Mother Language Day (21st February), Poetry Day (21stMarch), International Day of the Book (23rd April), World Music Day (21st June). 2008, International Year of Languages and European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

The demand for Heritage preservation in the broad sense of the term has become an identity sign for FCACU members.

Some examples: platform creation to preserve the 3 chimneys (St. Adrià); participation in the local heritage preservation (El Garraf); Pont del Dimoni bridge restoration (c. XVII) (Girona); work in audiovisual heritage (Igualada) and artistic (Horta de St. Joan), etc.

Town-twinning between Girona and Valldoreix-St. Cugat through the cloisters of their cathedral and monastery, respectively, work of the same author: Arnau Cadell.